Sewing your Ballet Slippers: A Guide

Beginner Ballet students through Senior Ballet students wear a split-sole ballet slipper. This slipper typically comes with a loose elastic strap that must be hand-sewn onto each slipper. To sew this loose strap to your shoe follows these simple instructions:

1. Fold the heel of the shoe flat against the insole, creating a triangle with the point of the heel as the apex.

form triangle

2. Lay the elastic strap along the base of the triangle you have created.

lay elastic strap

3. Tack both ends of the elastic to the inside of your slipper in this position; being careful to keep the cut ends facing the sole.

cut end faces sole

Use the factory stitching along the drawstring as a guide. This will help ensure your drawstring remains free.

sew along seam

4. Clip any excess elastic.