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The Spotlight Mission

The Spotlight offers a professional curriculum for students who wish to learn and experience the joy of dance, and all the rewards that dance training provides for the development of the human body and spirit. We strive to achieve, through the discipline and rigors of dance training, a respectful and joyful environment for all our students as they pursue their goals in dance and in life.

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Tuition Packages

Each student is unique with different goals. We have modeled our dance school with two areas of study to better tailor our programs to the needs of the individual:
Primary Programs: introducing dance to young children
Secondary Programs: dance training for the recreational or devoted students
Within these two areas, we have established tailored programs for students of all types. Students are encouraged to enhance training by adding elective courses. We conveniently schedule our elective courses in a "piggyback" fashion for each level of training. With busy families in mind, our schedule nurtures children and develops strong dancers.

Primary Programs

As we open our eighteenth season of dance training, we are proud to highlight some of our most successful programs. Convenient once-a-week lessons inspire children by combining different genres of study. Students are encouraged to sample other styles with additional elective courses.

The atmosphere at The Spotlight is motivational and inspiring; our students often demonstrate material outside the classroom, proud to share their newly-discovered skills with friends and family members.

Our lessons last long after the class is over; parents are happy to know that they are giving their children the necessary tools to promote healthy living and offering valuable lessons that help shape successful adults.

Predance (for dancers ages 2.5-5 years) - Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

A rhythm and coordination course for boys and girls,2.5 to 5 years of age. This forty-five minute class incorporates dance basics for motor development and music narratives for creativity. Ribbons, hoops, and other props are used to explore spatial awareness and develop attention. Participants perform two routines in our Spring Production. $32 per month. Add Tumble Tots for only $15.00 per month.

This program is offered several times throughout the week. Register for the class that best fits your busy schedule.

Kindercombo (for dancers ages 5-7 years) - Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

One of our finest programs at The Spotlight. This sixty-minute program is designed for beginners (grades K-1), with simple foot patterns to enhance concentration and role-playing to stimulate imagination. Participants learn body placement and ballet terminology, and gain a strong sense of tempo and musicality from tap basics. Kindercombo students perform twice in our Spring Production. $34 per month. Enhance training with acro, clog, hip hop or pom. Add $15 for one, $25 for two, $35 for three, or $40 for all four.

To help busy families, we offer this class more than once a week; choose the class that best fits your schedule.

Minidance (for dancers ages ages 6-8 years) - Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

We’ve combined the three core subjects into seventy-five minutes of exploration and development. Dancers open class with ballet enrichment, continue with tap rhythms, and finish with introductory tumbling stunts. A program for beginners ages 6 to 8 years of age (grades 1-2). $38 per month. Acro, clog, hip hop or pom may be added to enrich development. Add $15 for one elective, $25 for two electives, $35 for three electives, or $40 for all four

Secondary Programs

The three core genres are offered for dancers ages six years through high school at several different levels. With our “piggyback” schedule, students attend classes once a week; ballet, tap and jazz are conveniently scheduled all on one day. Students may broaden study with additional elective courses.

Dancers learn in an environment that boosts morale and self-esteem; students are delighted to see their improvement and progress with each level of advancement.

Parents have a sense of confidence knowing their children obtain skills that benefit them both inside and outside the classroom.

Students are placed at the appropriate levels in each dance form based on a combination of age, previous training, and skill; they are continually evaluated by our faculty to ensure proper placement.

Core Programs (for dancers ages 9+ years) - Ballet, Tap and Jazz

Our most popular choice of training for boys and girls of our petite (grades 2-3), intermediate (grades 4-6), junior (grades 6-7), teen (grades 8-9), and senior (grades 10-12) levels. Students polish ballet technique, tap rhythms, and jazz fundamentals, as well as develop strong performance skills. $44 per month. Additional elective courses are priced as follows: first elective course, $15 per month and all additional courses, $10 each per month.

Freestyle Program - Acrodance, Hip Hop or Pom

For recreational participants, boys and girls ages six years and up. Enjoy the benefits of dance in an elective class of choice. $32 per month. Add $10 each for additional electives.

Intensive Program - Unlimited Study

Boys and girls who demonstrate commitment and reveal potential with their movement are invited to participate in the Company. Designed with a youthful spirit in mind, this program is the crossroads into the world of competitive dance. Students study three core subjects: ballet, tap, and jazz, and receive unlimited electives. Participants learn auditioning principles and performance skills, and are challenged with a variety of dance styles and methods. Interested students should inquire with the director. $84 per month.

Course Descriptions


Rhythmic gymnastic passes and aerial movement improve agility and strength.


The foundation of dance technique. Classical study promotes balance and posture.


An entertaining style that parallels musical theatre and silver screen vernacular.


Energetic dancing in clog shoes, accenting rhythmic beats with lifted knee and leg movement.


Our competition team. Interested students should inquire with the director.


Abstract movement that defies the force of gravity. Ballet enrollment is required.

Hip Hop

Contemporary streetwise funk as seen in music videos. Jazz enrollment is recommended.


An evolving discipline that models popular social dance steps. Ballet recommended.


Poetic movement that stimulates musical awareness. Enrollment in ballet required.


A parent-child course for toddlers 18-36 months. Nurture an existing bond as children explore locomotor development and music appreciation.

Open Acro

Sixty minutes of self practice for students enrolled in Beginner Acro through Aerial Acro.


A classical dance training of the Cecchetti (Italian Ballet) method. Students must be nine years of age, trained for two consecutive years, and have instructor’s endorsement to participate. Ballet is required.


Drill team and kick line progressions. Flashy movement using pom-poms.


Improve flexibility and increase elasticity by building longer, leaner muscles.


Traditional and contemporary techniques of a rhythmic, percussive movement.

Private Coaching

Our annual showcase of solos and duets, One-By-One, was established to enhance the development of our students as individuals. At the closing of each season we offer private coaching opportunities to enhance the development of our students. The Spotlight dedicates the month of May to these pupils who seek the challenge of furthering their dance education and skill. Throughout these weeks of private training, students concentrate on reaching individual goals and mastering selected fundamentals. Choreography is tailored to each student, focusing on specific elements that will strengthen weaknesses and exhibit skills. A miniature production to showcase the results wraps up this session. One-By-One is a focus on fundamentals; a focus on goals; a focus on the individual. Look for our private coaching opportunity during our summer programs. Register early, as this program fills quickly.